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Technical communications, copywriting, localisation


Technical, commercial, legal and scientific communications


Machine manufacturing, construction, real estate, medical devices

Translation from Finnish to English, translation from English to Finnish. Translation from Finnish to Russian, translation from Russian to Finnish. Transcreation. Send a request: eeva-leena.alhos (at)

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Successful companies manage their communications professionally. MyTransMission is your dynamic business partner for multilingual business communications. MyTransMission is all about putting your message through precisely and effectively, avoiding unnecessary administration and mediation costs. I will be happy to deliver an exact translation of your document, transform your materials into a presentable publication or carry out a copywriting assignment for you in English, Russian or Finnish considering your company’s individual needs and the particular demands of the target audience. MyTransMission builds your business credibility through agile, professional and reliable communications.

  • Your request will be answered promptly. I will offer the work either based on the word count or hourly charge depending on the assignment and time schedule. The time of delivery seldom exceeds one week, but you may propose an even tighter schedule.

  • Understanding your business is essential to creating quality communications. MyTransMission builds your business credibility in three different languages and is familiar with the pains and strains of hectic business life. In-depth knowledge and constant monitoring of your operating environment makes all the difference – you can be sure to get it right the first time. However, should you have any questions or feedback, you can quickly reach the author in person.

  • My high professional ethics and strong commitment stem from 30 years’ experience serving major international companies in the United States, Russia and Finland. I guarantee that all your information is kept strictly confidential.


Serving businesses is ultimately serving people and helping them to be successful. Success is to a large extent dependent on how we communicate important messages. Get your quality translation or copy directly from a professional whose personal mission is to help you and your business strive. I will receive your task and return it in due time, without long hours of waiting and worrying. Whatever the purpose, let it be communicated clearly and correctly in the language of your target audience. I provide you with high-quality translation and transcreation services from English to Russian, English to Finnish, Russian to English, Russian to Finnish, Finnish to English, and from Finnish to Russian. With my 30 years’ experience addressing the demands of the machine manufacturing, energy, construction and real estate industries as well as the life science and software businesses I can assure that your assignment is in good hands. When you want to build your business credibility, hire a pro. Get a competitive offer quickly and conveniently by sending an e-mail to Why agree to considerable administration or mediation costs not knowing who, with what qualifications and when your task will be accomplished? Make sure your message means business while concentrating on yours.

Translations and business communications

Anne Huotari

Certified translations (Russian-Finnish)