Translating is not enough


Whenever you need to communicate an important message to an audience in a foreign language, you have to make certain transformations and modifications to meet this target. In order to have the desired effect your message must come through clearly, building confidence in you and your company.

This is what transcreation is all about. MyTransMission not only translates, but also transforms your important message into English, Russian and Finnish depending on the target audience.

We clarify your transcreation needs together. You may have a source text to be adapted to a certain audience, a technical writing assignment, or a demand for advertising and marketing materials. Your terms of reference may contain e.g. a project plan, technical specifications, earlier marketing materials, links to websites, even videos – virtually any source material you think may be relevant to creating the kind of content that best suits its purpose.

Whether you want to inform, instruct or sell, this must be considered when choosing the style, form and media through which your message will be released. Technical content is purely informative by nature in which case it is best to stick to a carefully chosen style guide and indexing logic, whereas a marketing campaign must influence people’s choices often made based on emotion. All these aspects, not to talk about digitalisation, have an effect on both the form and content of your communications. We want to give our customers an opportunity to stand out and make the best of the changing operating environment to the benefit of the entire company.

When trusting your assignment in professional hands you can focus on your own key targets. And, sometimes the work load is just too heavy. Help is on its way – contact us and we will solve your communication task together!